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We are expert story craftspeople and experienced storytelling teachers.

Your Story is 


We help senior leaders clarify and refine their Core Story, and how that story gets told, so that the people who matter most truly understand what makes you and your organization special. 

Take Control of Your Story.

We'll show you how.

Everyone who matters to you already has a story in their minds about your organization, your team, your products, your future.

Is that story right?

Do they fully get what makes you uniquely valuable? Do they know how your products and services, your culture, your entire approach are different?

If not, you've got a problem.

It means people are out there, telling others the wrong story. They are shaping your value, your position, your reputation, your strategy.

We make sure your story is clear and compelling and lands powerfully for those who matter most.


We work with leaders who recognize that unless they (and their teams) can properly, emphatically communicate their unique values, they will struggle with every key organizational need.

Take Control
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Why Story As...

There are those who think that story is a “nice to have,” not essential to strategy. Those are the same folks whose communications are dumb, tired, flat. We are hardwired to respond to stories; nobody really remembers lists or rules, nobody curls up at night with a spreadsheet. (Okay, nobody we like.)  Humans are story processors. Why don’t we intentionally apply story to advance our organizations?

Story As... (short for Story As A Service) is here to help with your organizational story problems. Our work is founded on the idea that people are motivated by amazing stories that are superbly told. We apply the rigor of investigative journalism not to write a dispassionate article for some magazine, but to understand what makes your organization special, even awesome, in order to promote that very awesomeness. 


Our Senior Storyteller, Adam Davidson, is one of the most widely respected business journalists around. He co-founded NPR's Planet Money and went on to work at The New York Times Magazine and The New Yorker. His book, The Passion Economy: The New Rules for Thriving in the Twenty-First Century, was a "best business book of 2020" from Amazon. 

Our instructional experts from Jackrabbit LX (JLX)are leading learning designers who have built learning pathways for several major corporations, universities, and non-profits. They ensure our partners can promote their awesome story awesomely.  

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"Could a short engagement really dive deep enough to teach me how to tell great stories? The answer is: Yes!"


Amy Tangerine

Creator & Author of Craft a life You Love

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