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Are They Telling Your Story Well?

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Right this second, your employees are out there, telling your company's story. They're telling it on sales calls, at parties, sitting next to a stranger on a plane. Are they telling it well?

To truly nail your story begin at the end of the tale.

Actually, begin after the end.

Picture one of your employees. Not the best; not the worst. Just a decent, average employee. Let’s call her Amanda. Imagine Amanda on an airplane sitting next to a curious stranger. At some point, the stranger asks Amanda: “So, what do you do? Where do you work?”

Amanda starts talking. She tells a story. She explains what she does for a living and, maybe, talks a bit about you and her other bosses. She talks a bit about the culture and what it feels like to go to work.

Our proven frameworks ensure your core story is told correctly, no matter the context.

The story finishes just as the plane lands and the stranger rushes off. For ease of storytelling, let’s call the stranger Bob. Now—and I’ll admit this is getting weird—imagine you stop Bob somewhere between the jet bridge and the luggage carousel and ask “What did Amanda tell you? What is her workplace like? Would you want to work there?”

What is Bob going to say? How would Bob describe your company? How would Bob describe you?

If you don’t know what Bob would say then you need a corporate storytelling practice.

Worse, if you do have a good sense of what Bob would say and you have a strong feeling it would be negative or confused or would miss key elements of your business, then you really, really need a corporate storytelling practice.

That is what Story As A Service provides. We combine art and science to engineer your storytelling practice so that you can feel confident that everyone who needs to know your story knows it so well they will tell it often and joyfully and in precisely the way you hope they would.


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