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This is our story.

We all come from different lines of work -- higher education, investigative journalism, education technology, big companies and small startups. We are artists, academics, writers, teachers, and designers. And we share a common understanding of the world of work and how we want to fit in and make sense of it. Basically, we want to make the world of work, well, work better. 

We recognize that most organizations have a terrible time showcasing how they are special, how what they do matters. Businesses can't articulate how their products and services are unique. Non-profits can't demonstrate why what they do matters. College and universities can't say how they are different from one another except that one might be in California, another in New York. Look at the stories and strategies of all types of organizations -- they all kind of sound the same.


And that's the view from the outside in. What about the inside out? Internal communications are among the least well researched, least well understood, most important factors for a successful organization. What if you could tell a compelling internal story that made your organization hum? And that health was reflected in how the world outside understood you and told your story?

In our noisy, fraught world, organizations and employees need to show their unique characteristics, what makes them different. A lot of places are doing amazing things. They have their own distinct culture, they create distinct products and services. But a lot of them, frankly, are terrible at telling their story.

Struggling to convey what makes you unique?

We can help.

And the best part? We work with all kinds of organizations to help them improve their story and how they bring it out into the world. Big and small. Corporate and non-profit. Everyone needs help clarifying and differentiating. Everyone needs help saying why they matter and, perhaps most challengingly -- what makes them unique. We apply our approach inclusively. You are the content experts. We are the story experts. 

We are the best at two things. (And really good at lots of other things.)

Crafting story. We have some of the world's greatest storytellers across all media and genres. We have worked at the highest levels in investigative journalism, corporate communications, public relations, and entertainment.

Learning Design. We are academics and learning scientists. Seasoned teachers  and instructional designers who have deep expertise and experience in understanding how to best convey complex information to a targeted audience so they learn it deeply.  

Together, we help organizations take control of their story and how it lands for the people who matter most.

Who We Are.

Simon Headshot_edited.jpg

Simon Greenwold, Chief Executive Officer

Simon has spent over 25 years working in complex corporate and not-for-profit environments.  As a leader at pioneering edtech company 2U and in multiple executive roles at Northwestern University, he has learned how to design and enact meaningful strategies and programs that stick. And as a recovering scholar of literature and culture, he understands the power of story to move and compel individuals and groups and is excited to bring the lessons of narrative force to leaders of mission-driven organizations.


Jason Gorman, Chief Learning Officer

For over 20 years, Jason has been designing powerful, vibrant, and emotionally engaging learning environments. As the Chief Learning Officer at Story As and CEO of Jackrabbit LX, he leads a team of experts in consulting and design, as well as developing innovative educational programs, products, and experiences. 

James Altman.JPG

James Altman, Chief Strategy Officer

James provides strategic advice and guidance on the growth and structure of the company, while engaging with clients at a high-level to develop learning strategies, project outcomes, and provide creative inspiration. He is proud to have helped change the landscape of learning at leading institutions like Northwestern University where he managed centralized e-learning tools and systems, and dynamic and innovative companies like 2U Inc. where he built and ran several curriculum departments.


Dr. Raghu Krishnamoorthy, Senior Adviser

Dr. Raghu Krishnamoorthy is the Senior Fellow and Director of the University of Pennsylvania's acclaimed Chief Learning Officer doctoral program. His research is centered on the future of work, the workplace, and the worker, and he has written and lectured extensively on the subject. Raghu worked as an executive with 38 years of experience in human resources and learning prior to entering academia. He was named among the top 50 Asian Americans in business in the world of business in 2009.

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Ready to take control of your story?
We can help.

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