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Your Story. 
From the Inside Out.

We work with senior leaders and their teams to clarify their core story -- the details of their organization that make them unique--and then we partner to craft a plan so they can make sure that the folks who matter most -- employees and recruits, investors and donors, clients and customers -- truly understand what makes them special.  

This separation of story shaping and storytelling is key for us. We believe our partners must first  understand and agree on their core story internally before they can tell it successfully externally.  

We see our work as more than just marketing, messaging, brand positioning, or communications. It is strategic, even existential. If an organization cannot effectively define and articulate its essence -- its Core Story -- to the people who matter, internally and externally, then it will always struggle to focus, grow, succeed. 

How We Get Started.
The Origin Engagement.

In (just about) one month we partner with you to:


Clarify Your  Core Story


Assess Your Current Storytelling

Deliver a Story Plan & a Prototype

The Story Power Score.

As part of our Story As Origin Engagement, we assess how well you are telling your story and how that story is landing with all your stakeholders -- internal and external. The rubric helps guide where your story and its telling are strong, and where you might need some work. 

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Need a Strategic Partner?

If we enjoy working together, there are multiple ways we can engage further to make sure your story and how it is told stays fresh and effective.  Executive story coaching
bespoke storytelling workshops for your teams, the development of a holistic communication strategy, the development of a StoryBank, ongoing content development. Any or all of the above.  We adapt our services depending on what you need.

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Ready to take control of your story?
We can help.

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